Dates and Times subject to change. All events are Limited Tickets and Weather Permitting unless otherwise noted.

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Father's Day Dinner & Train Experience
Heritage Day & Car Show at The Star Barn
Farm to Table Dinner
Heritage Day at The Star Barn
July 4th Celebration
Living History Days
Farm to Table
Mother's Day Dinner
Heritage Day / Family Picnic
Dinner & Movie, The Star Barn “The Moving of an Icon, a Window into Our Past”
Christmas Drive Through
Brittany's Hope: Christmas at The Star Barn Village
Christmas Drive Through
Christmas Drive Through
Christmas Dinner at The Star Barn
Christmas Drive Through
Christmas Drive Through
Christmas Brunch at The Star Barn
Valentine's Day Dinner & Dancing

Personalized Custom Star Barn Village Experiences

Tuesday ~ Saturday

By appointment only.

Horseback Rides, Carriage Rides, Tractor Pulled Wagon Rides, Hitch Wagon Rides

Exclusive Event Space Rentals

Monday ~ Saturday

A Tapestry of Beauty and Tranquility